How do you make things right after you get things wrong?

Neon light in the shape of a speech bubble.
Neon light in the shape of a speech bubble.
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I’ve had an unusual week. For the first time ever, I had to issue an apology.

I don’t mean I had to say ‘Sorry’ for the first time. Like probably everyone, I’ve done a lot of apologising in my life.

No — I mean that for the first time, I’ve had to issue an apology.

As in, write an email to several hundred people apologising on behalf of the leadership of a group I’m a member of for a somewhat obtuse phrase that we’d included in a previous communication.

On the whole, I’m feeling good about it. Not about needlessly…

An in-depth discussion on my career in finance, and the importance of diversity and inclusion and soft skills

Tower Bridge, London

A recent article of mine covered my reaching a 20-year milestone in my career in finance, at a time when the industry is focusing ever more strongly on making the profession more inclusive. I recently caught up with Harsha Boralessa — my colleague on a soft skills volunteering group for those in the industry — to discuss my story in more detail.

As much as I would usually hesitate to talk on tape about myself for half an hour, we both agreed that it would be helpful to other people — particularly those from non-traditional backgrounds considering a career in…

Why it’s high time to add one more UN Sustainable Development Goal

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

As many of you already know, I’ve had a 20-year career in finance and investor engagement*.

If, like me, you deal with institutional investors on a regular (or even occasional) basis, you can’t possibly have missed how important Environmental, Social and Governance — or ESG — factors have become in the overall consideration of where and how investors deploy capital.

There are a variety of frameworks used to measure how ESG considerations are applied in investing and corporate reporting. SASB and TCFD are the most popular among investors, but PRI, CDP and CDSB — among many others — also feature…

My reflections on a rewarding twenty years in finance, and a pivotal month in history

The City of London, viewed from the south bank of the River Thames.
The City of London, viewed from the south bank of the River Thames.
I am grateful, aware and hopeful…

I decided in my late teens to pursue a career in finance. It was a move that many encouraged me to make, but it was also a move that many well-meaning friends and family members warned me against, not unreasonably concerned that I would encounter discrimination or other social and cultural barriers.

I decided to make the move anyway at the age of eighteen, and this month I was pleased to have celebrated 20 years since having made that move — all of those years spent with just one employer* (who were kind enough to send this lovely gift in…

The answer might surprise you.

Person sitting on a forest floor in late autumn surrounded by fallen leaves.
Person sitting on a forest floor in late autumn surrounded by fallen leaves.
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

If you’re in the UK and on social media, you will have noticed that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

I think it’s great that society has made so much progress on people’s attitudes to mental health in recent years, that we can have a whole week dedicated to discussing how to maintain good mental health, and what you can do if you find yourself having mental health difficulties. I have no doubt that this change in attitudes has saved many lives over the years.

So how can we all help stay sane in these unusually challenging times?


Focus on the ‘personal’ before the ‘branding’

Photo by Dustin Scarpitti on Unsplash

Which adjectives come to your mind when you hear the phrase ‘personal brand’? ‘Impactful’? ‘Meaningful’? ‘Genuine’?

Maybe. But for some the words ‘artificial’, ‘plastic’, ‘cringe-worthy’ — and even ‘gross’ — are closer to the mark. It seems that there’s been something of a backlash against personal branding.

Take this June 2019 article by Trip O’Dell in Fast Company, which suggested that personal branding — the practice of marketing yourself and your career in the same way as you would a branded physical product or service — is ‘a gross concept… best reserved for commodities, cattle and corporations’.

It’s all very…

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